Our Sponsors

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Attlee Stores is our go to shop for everything! The shop is amazing and supplies us with everything we need from shavings and travel hay to yard equipment. 

The store offers a wide range of products and they are always so friendly and relaxed whenever we visit. James and his staff are always willing to provide helpful advice or recommend the best products for us and the horses.

Chuffy started riding in Devoucoux when she was on ponies and since then they have been a staple part in the tack room.

Devoucoux is wholeheartedly dedicated to the partnership between horse and rider. Their saddles are so beautiful and comfortable. the team are always there to help make sure they fit both Chuffy and the horses perfectly.

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All our horses are fed on Saracen Horse Feeds. We love the results we get from the feed, and the difference in the horses since we started with them is obvious. They are always there to help when we need to chat about any of the horses, ensuring they all have the right amount of energy and weight and are on the perfect plan for them. Their balancer is a favourite on the yard.

Saracen is an independent, family owned business with more than 170 years of experience in manufacturing animal feeds. With their range of feeds,  they have brought together the everyday items needed for feeding different types of horses in varying stages of life and activity,  growth and development. The feeds continue to provide the top quality nutrition our horses need. 

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Having seen Whale of a Time Clothing at an event Chuffy instantly fell in love with their kit. Their style and look suits her perfectly and she is guaranteed to always be wearing something from them!

Whale Of A Time Clothing is an exciting fresh new British label which bridges the gap between country and fashion, with strong ties to surf style.

Headed up by the amazing Ellie Wales, the brand focuses on easy to wear designs, which feel and look great in the country, city, bar or on the beach. 

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Ben's pictures are hands down some of the best pictures on the eventing circuit, and we feel incredibly lucky to have him supporting our team. 

Ben regularly attends some of the biggest equestrian events in both the UK and the rest of Europe, delivering high quality imagery to major equestrian publications, including equestrian federations. He also offers private yard visits, as well as horse and rider portrait sessions.

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We love the Uvex hats. Being easily adjustable at the back means they never feel loose, and the ventialtion is second to none.

Uvex always deliver top-quality and innovative products that provide head-to-toe protection, and  their in-house expertise ensure their products are of the highest quality and adhere to all safety standards.


Dalton's is a British accessory brand founded in 2014 by Emma Richardson.

Chuffy loves wearing beautiful fashion accessories made by Dalton’s. Their belts in particular are a fantastic addition to both riding and casual wear.

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I’ve always been a huge fan of the Equine America supplements and horse care products. Cortaflex is now used by many leading riders and trainers across the world and in all equine disciplines, and was successfully tested by the Veterinary Medical Research Centre at Michigan State University in a double blind clinical trial.

In addition to Cortaflex, a full range of highly effective products for horses, dogs, cats and people have been developed since Equine America was launched in 1997. All are produced using high quality ingredients and comply with the regulations administered by the UK Veterinary Medicines Directorate and the Food Standards Agency.

Chuffy is always interested in forming new relationships and welcomes new brands to join the Chuffy Clarke Eventing Team. For more information please get in contact